Reasons to Join an Adult Sports League

A financial professional, Kevin Martoken serves as fund administrator with the New York City firm of Grassi & Co. Physically active in his free time, Kevin Martoken belongs to both football and soccer leagues in the city.

Although many adults played team sports when they were children, the opportunity to engage in those activities typically disappears in the busy days of adulthood. Fortunately, as more people realize the benefits of physical activity, more adult sports leagues have formed. These leagues give members the opportunity to break out of a solo fitness routine and get exercise that feels like fun rather than work.

In adult league play, members build new skills or rediscover skills that they may not have used for some time. They learn or relearn the thrill of competitive play and the rewarding intensity of practice, while building the team communication skills that have become so essential in the contemporary workplace. Similarly, the adult league stands out as an ideal place to meet people and make new friends, a joy that can be otherwise difficult to find when enmeshed in the daily routine of adult life.


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