Physical Benefits of Regularly Playing Soccer

Kevin Martoken, an experienced senior accounting professional and current fund accountant at Grassi & Co. in New York, maintains an active lifestyle outside of the office. Kevin Martoken belongs to a couple of New York City sports leagues, including a recreational touch football league and a soccer league.

Soccer has relatively simple equipment needs, and it is a great form of exercise for both kids and adults. The sport requires a high amount of continuous running from all players except the goalkeeper. During full games, many players run a total of 5-7 miles and maintain a high heart rate throughout the course of the game. Even running at a low intensity increases soccer players’ aerobic capacity and provides a range of cardiovascular benefits, including reduced blood pressure and plaque buildup in the arteries.

Playing soccer also regularly increases muscle tone and strength along with bone strength. Soccer requires a mixture of anaerobic and aerobic exercise and involves both fast- and slow-twitch muscle fibers, thus promoting muscle tone. Additionally, the lower body strength needed for jumping and kicking and upper body strength needed for shielding and executing throw-ins ensure muscles throughout the body are used and built up over time. Bone density also benefits from players constantly being on their feet, as the bones adapt to carrying the body’s own weight more effectively.


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