Characteristics of Authentic Italian Food

Authentic Italian Food pic

Authentic Italian Food

Accounting and finance systems professional Kevin Martoken has extensive experience with management and project implementation. Kevin Martoken is based in New York City and works with hedge funds and asset management firms. In his free time, he enjoys cooking Italian cuisine.

Quality and simplicity of ingredients are essential to authentic Italian recipes. Delicious, made-from-scratch meals prominently feature ingredients such as fresh tomatoes, olive oil, both aged and fresh cheeses, wine, and homemade pastas and breads. Handmade sauces are a point of pride in Italy; prepared sauces are regarded with distaste.

The typical form for a meal begins with an antipasto, consisting of a small portion of pasta or an often cold meat or fish. The first course of soup or risotto follows, and then the second, main course arrives. This normally features meat, fish, or vegetables, and a complementary side dish is served. A carefully selected wine is an essential accompaniment to an authentic Italian meal. Dessert is served as the last course, often comprised of cake, pastry, fresh fruit, or a fruit salad, along with an espresso or coffee. Enjoying conversation and lingering over delightful foods is a mainstay of Italian food culture.


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