Month: August 2016

Devils Re-Sign Reid Boucher

Reid Boucher pic

Reid Boucher

Kevin Martoken has served in his current role as a fund accountant with Grassi & Co in New York City since 2013. Outside his professional life, Kevin Martoken follows the National Hockey League (NHL), and is a fan of the New Jersey Devils.

Restricted free agent Reid Boucher has signed a one-year contract to return to the New Jersey Devils, according to Ray Shero, the team’s general manager.

The two-way deal, reportedly worth $715,000 at the NHL level, means that Boucher, while not guaranteed a salary at the NHL level, must clear waivers before the team assigns him to its American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate in Albany. Analysts believe it’s unlikely the Devils will risk such a move.

Last season, Boucher spent time between both the Devils and Albany. During his 39-game NHL stint, he racked up 8 goals and 11 assists. In the AHL, he put up 19 goals and 13 assists over 34 games.


Lesser-Known Spots in Rome to Visit


The Villa de Quintilli  pic

The Villa de Quintilli

Kevin Martoken is a New York-based professional with more than 15 years of experience in the financial services field. In his leisure time, Kevin Martoken enjoys traveling to various countries across the world, and has visited several locations in Italy, including Rome.

Rome is one of the most historic and culturally rich cities in all of Europe. With no shortage of sights to see, tourists can often find themselves overlooking some of the most interesting aspects of the city. With that in mind, here are two of the lesser known, yet no less compelling spots to visit in Rome:

The Villa de Quintilli was once the home of Emperor Commodus, yet stands mostly forgotten when compared to some of the more popular places in Rome. The villa is still in relatively good condition for its age, and visitors can even get a look at the private gladiator training arena.

One of the more macabre, yet eerily fascinating sites in Rome is the crypt beneath San Callisto. These sprawling catacombs are one of the more somber reminders of Christian history in Rome, and home to half a million bodies. This spot may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s certainly one of the more interesting places in the city to check out.

Manning More Motivated Than Ever

Eli Manning pic

Eli Manning

Since 2013, Kevin Martoken has served as a fund accountant with Grassi & Co in New York City. Prior to his role there, he spent time with Ryan Associates and the Avenue Capital Group. Outside his professional life, Kevin Martoken follows New York sports teams, and is a fan of the Giants.

In a league in which his last name has been at the forefront of the quarterback conversation for the last two decades, Giants quarterback Eli Manning now finds himself in a role he’s never had before: being the only Manning in a football uniform.

He appears to be embracing the challenge, and in a recent interview with the New York Post, Manning says he’s more motivated than ever to get his team back to the Super Bowl.

Manning used the metaphor of not having eaten for four years when asked about the team’s playoff woes since winning the Super Bowl in 2011. He then went on to say that he was “hungry” and looked forward to getting back on the field and working hard.

The two-time Super Bowl MVP had a strong year in 2015, throwing for 35 touchdowns on 4,443 yards passing and boasting a 93.6 quarterback rating.

With a healthy Victor Cruz back in the fold, Giants receiver Odell Beckham not only believes Manning will have another strong year, but that his quarterback will likely be in the MVP conversation as well.

Three Key Benefits to Recreational Sports

Recreational Sports pic

Recreational Sports

Kevin Martoken works at New York-based accounting firm, Grassi and Co, where he serves as a fund accountant. In his free time, Kevin Martoken enjoys playing multiple recreational sports, including soccer and touch football. Beyond the physical advantages, recreational activity can bring about a number of other benefits.

1. Mental Well-Being – Playing a team-based sport provides an opportunity to improve your self-esteem and mental well-being. The motivation that comes from being a part of a team, something bigger than yourself, can lead to an improved feeling of self-worth. Similarly, recreational sports can relieve stress and provide you with a healthy reason to get out and socialize.

2. Social Benefit – When you join a recreational sports league, or even just a fun game in the park, you are introducing yourself to a brand new group of potential friends. You will build relationships with your teammates, and may form long-lasting friendships on your common passion for sport.

3. Life Satisfaction – A Canadian study found that people who actively participated in sports ranked their life satisfaction higher than those who did not play. On a scale of one to ten, 89 percent of sports participants rated their life satisfaction between seven and ten. Of those who did not play sports, less than 75 percent rated their satisfaction that high.