New Jersey Devils’ Street Devils Program Introduces Kids to Hockey

Jersey Devils pic

Jersey Devils


Kevin Martoken prepares monthly and year-end financials and handles tax returns for hedge fund clients as a fund accountant at Grassi & Co. An avid sports fan, one of Kevin Martoken’s favorite professional teams is the New Jersey Devils.

In an effort to give back to its community, the New Jersey Devils sponsors several programs, including the AmeriHealth Street Devils. A joint program created by the National Hockey League and the Devils, Street Devils is a street hockey program for children. It was created in 1997 and has welcomed more than 18,000 children into the program.

The Street Devils program provides free educational and athletic programs to children in northern and central New Jersey. It is available to children between the ages of six and 16 and works through various schools, community centers, and hockey rinks. Organizations that participate in the Street Devils program receive no-bounce balls, sticks, goal nets, and other street hockey equipment from the NHL and New Jersey Devils.

To ensure that children learn about hockey properly and safely, the New Jersey Devils provides a start-up street hockey clinic for administrators and coaches. Coaches also receive informational and training manuals, and all participants in the program get individual playbooks. Many of the centers participating in the Street Devils program incorporate playoffs, skills contests, and awards ceremonies.


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