Chase Blackburn: An Underrated New York Giant

Chase Blackburn pic

Chase Blackburn

In his role as a fund accountant at Grassi & Co., Kevin Martoken has provided a variety of services to hedge fund clients, such as financial statement and tax return preparation, capital allocation, audit assistance, and cash reconciliations. In his leisure time, Kevin Martoken enjoys watching New York Giants football.

Names like Phil Simms, Lawrence Taylor, and Eli Manning quickly come to mind when talking about the all-time great New York Giants. There are other important figures, however, who have played a key role in the team’s success over the year. Linebacker Chase Blackburn is one of those individuals.

Blackburn played eight seasons in New York, but perhaps his most memorable contribution came in a year when he wasn’t even in the league for a good part of the year. Desperate for depth at the position, the Giants called Blackburn to come back and play for them a few weeks prior to Super Bowl XLVI. The move would go on to pay massive dividends, as Blackburn provided a key play in the game, snatching an interception on a pass meant for Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. The turnover kept the Giants in the game–one they would eventually win in the final moments, ruining the Patriots perfect season en route to a Super Bowl victory.


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