The Whitman School’s IMPRESS Program Shapes Future Business Leaders

Whitman School’s IMPRESS Program pic

Whitman School’s IMPRESS Program

A finance professional, Kevin Martoken graduated with a bachelor of science in accounting from the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University in New York. While Whitman School alumni like Kevin Martoken could choose from a wide variety of academic programs, students entering the institution in fall 2014 or thereafter are required to participate in the Goodman IMPRESS program regardless of their major.

The IMPRESS program uses a game-like point system to assist students in gaining skills in five areas: personal and professional leadership development, major and industry exploration, certifications, global context, and community engagement. Whitman students are divided into four houses, each of which are guided by a faculty member. The houses compete against each other to gain points in each area and ultimately win the Goodman Cup.

The IMPRESS program was developed to facilitate the formation of successful and professional business leaders. Future employers are able to access students’ GPAs as well as their IMPRESS scores.