Offensive Line Play

Offensive Line Play – the Correct Stance

Offensive Line Play pic

Offensive Line Play

Kevin Martoken earned his bachelor of science degree in accounting at Syracuse University. With over ten years of financial experience, Kevin Martoken is now a fund accountant at Grassi and Co. in New York City. Away from work-related activities, he enjoys playing football.

When playing football, the stance is a critical part of offensive line play. Your feet should remain slightly wider than the width of your shoulders. Centers have no stagger when they have an even stance; guards do have a staggered stance, which means their outside foot typically remains even with the middle or instep of their inside foot.

Toes and knees should point straight forward, while your hips are square to the line. Your outside hand needs to be used as your down hand unless you are playing center. Additionally, it’s beneficial to stretch out your hand out as far as it can go while keeping your back flat, but your eyes should remain up.